About Emily

Hi!  I’m Emily.

I’m a twenty-something year old, wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Virginia but ask me to travel and my answer is ALWAYS yes.  I’ve only had one boyfriend and I’m lucky enough to be married to him (I married up for sure) and he made me a mama of two.  Some say quality time or cuddles may be there love language, but I’m pretty sure the Nordstrom clearance rack is mine.  That sort of sounds materialistic but I’m actually a wanna-be minimalist.  You could also call me a straight-A-student-college-drop-out.  I was set on a marketing degree until God got ahold of my heart and took me straight to opening my own business instead.  I hold on tight to my faith and to memories with my loved ones and I believe lots of laughter is crucial to a good day.  I love capturing our family’s own memories but find so it so much more humbling to be able to do it for other families and couples.  I’m a talker, but trying to be a listening ear, so lets meet for coffee and share life stories.